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Cement Yourself as a Category Leader using Customer-First Content

Leverage in-depth audience research and brand differentiators to create targeted strategies and engaging, customer-first content that positions your B2B company as the best solution.

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My B2B content marketing journey

Pre-pandemic, I worked in content strategy and writing for B2C health & wellness brands. In 2020, I pivoted into B2B, starting my own content marketing business. 

Today, I work as a content marketing strategist, writer, and consultant, helping B2B brands create compelling content that positions them as a category leader.


Who I help

Content Marketers

Whether just starting off your content marketing career or seeking advice, I can provide key insights to solidify your career path.

Early-Stage Startups

New to the game? Strategize, create, and distribute content that aligns the needs of your ICP, product offering, and business goals.

Marketing Agencies

Agency owners and content directors, outsource your clients’ content needs while you handle other business operations.


How I can help

Content Writing Playbook

This in-the-trenches blueprint is filled with proven processes to help junior content marketing writers create clear, concise, compelling content.

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Content Services

Strategize, create, and distribute engaging B2B content that organically positions you as an industry leader—without the use of ads.

Content Marketing Newsletter

Receive tactical tips and advice on how to create clear, concise, compelling content delivered straight to your inbox on a (semi)weekly basis.


What clients say

Become the brand customers turn to.

Or check out my blog for more.