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Engaging B2B Content that Gets Leads 🫱🏼‍🫲🏽

The new rules of B2B content

Noelina Rissman B2B Content Marketer and Copywriter

Gone are the days of shallow, company-centric content published for the sake of keeping a website and social channels active.

Nowadays, B2B content that resonates with ideal clients is:

✅ Clear. It’s easy to read and understand.
Concise. It says more with less. Fluff has no place.
Compelling. It speaks directly to the audience.

Nail these traits, and you’ll build brand trust, not just hypeIgnore them, and ideal clients will scroll right past you.

What will you choose?

Trusted by brands worldwide

Who I help


Ready to level up your business? Take the guesswork out of creating high-quality B2B content that connects.


Whether pre-seed or recently funded, we’ll create content increases brand awareness and drives quality leads.


Agency owners, allow me to handle your clients’ content needs in a timely manner while you take care of business operations.

3 ways I help

Content Writing Playbook

This in-the-trenches blueprint is filled with proven ideas, processes, and techniques to create clear, concise, compelling content. (Launching Q2 2022)

White Glove
Content Services

Strategize and create high-quality, engaging B2B content that shows your expertise and positions you as the go-to industry leader, naturally.

1:1 Deep-Dive Coaching Sessions

Need extra help? Come with your burning marketing questions. I’ll provide a bespoke solution tailored to your brand’s content marketing needs.

About me

Before I started freelancing, I did content strategy and writing for an international exportation company in the health & wellness sector.

In 2019, I walked away from that position to start my own content marketing and copywriting business. These days, I strategize and create engaging, high-quality content that increases quality leads for B2B companies worldwide. 


See how quality B2B content generates leads

Not convinced yet? See how I practice what I preach over at my blog.