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Reach Ideal-Fit Clients with a B2B Content Strategy

Persona research, internal content workshop, keyword research—We’ll use all internal and external resources to develop and maintain a targeted B2B content strategy that gets you in front of perfect-fit clients.

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Targeted B2B website content strategies to get in front of the right audience

To create a targeted B2B content strategy that reaches your ideal customer persona (ICP), you need to align the needs of your ICP, product offering, and business goals.

To get that balance right, you’ll need answers to the following questions:

– What are you trying to achieve with your content?
What audiences do you want to reach? 
– What are your audience’s biggest pain points? Jobs to be done?
– Where are they spending the most time online? Why?
– Why would they turn to your brand over others?
– Where and when will you publish your content?
– How will you maintain brand consistency across platforms?

The answers to these questions provide a foundation you can build upon with in-depth research and further strategic planning.

My six-step content strategy process will help you do just that.


How it works

This six-step B2B content strategy process leverages in-depth audience, brand, and keyword research to create a content plan that reaches ideal-fit clients: 

Persona Research

Collect data via surveys, interviews, and voice of customer (VOC) research to complete ICP profiles. We’ll use these insights for content ideas and better messaging. 

Content Workshop

In this interactive session, we’ll unite Marketing, Product, Customer Success, and Sales to discuss needs, messages, and content ideas for each persona.

Keyword Research

With the insights from persona research, the content workshop, and current industry trends, we’ll identify and research keywords for your content strategy.

Topic Clusters

Next, group the keywords into topic clusters. This hub & spoke approach builds authority in key categories and creates better internal linking opportunities.

Editorial Calendar

We’ll pull titles into a quarterly editorial calendar, prioritizing content pieces that advance business goals and address immediate content needs first.

Execution & Analytics

Your B2B content strategy is ready for execution! As your team develops content, we’ll keep track of its performance and iterate the strategy as we go along.

Already have an existing content strategy for your B2B brand? Let me know. We’ll start with a content audit.


What clients are saying


Have more questions?

I’ve got answers.

If you don’t already have a content marketer on staff, I can execute the strategy.

If this is something you’re interested in, when you contact me, please let me know you’re interested in my content marketing + strategy services. 

My minimum contract length for B2B content strategy is 3 months. And I’ve found that after onboarding, it takes about 3 months to complete the entire process.

Please keep in mind that as is always the case, the real world requires adaptability. So as issues and opportunities arise throughout the process, we’ll make time to address those.

I consider myself an extension of my client’s in-house teams, meaning I work with them endlessly to ensure the content aligns with their ICP, product offering, and business goals.

And due to the depth of research I put into the strategy, no two content strategies are ever alike. 

I have experience creating B2B content strategies in the following industries: SaaS, HR tech, and Fintech.

I’ve also worked in the following B2C industries: personal development; health & wellness; and travel & hospitality.

Please reach out even if your industry wasn’t mentioned as we could still be a good fit.

I can help you define and create resources for the following brand foundations:

– Mission
– Vision
– Brand pillars
– Anti-brand
– Tone and Voice
– High-level competitor analysis
– Brand difference

Once we have these resources finished, we can begin the six-step B2B content strategy process.

If you would like to hire me for my B2B content strategy services, you can do so in one of two ways:

  1. Retainer. I offer 3- and 6-month retainers, starting at $4,250 USD / month. The amount of work we’ll complete during each quarter depends on a variety of factors.
  2. Consultations. I also do consultation calls, available as one-off calls or bundles. These are priced at $200 USD / hour.

Ready for your content to reach the right people?

Or feel free to write to me instead.