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B2B Content Marketing Services to Distinguish Your Brand

I offer three core content services to help B2B brands strategize, create, and distribute content that’s aligned with their client needs, product offerings, and business goals.

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Personalized solutions for your B2B content marketing needs

Content Writing

Go beyond simply summarizing top SERPs to create engaging B2B content that builds trust in your brand. We’ll dig for insights from your team, subject matter experts, and data to showcase your expertise while addressing customer needs.

Deliverables offered:
Blogs – Articles – Guides – Case Studies – Newsletters

Content Strategy

Combine audience, voice of customer, and keyword research to develop a bespoke B2B website content strategy. You’ll receive a done-for-you content plan that details content titles, publishing schedule, and a comprehensive distribution plan.

Content Marketing

Together, we’ll develop and execute targeted content marketing campaigns that align multiple channels for a consistent message. This creates a compelling content experience that attracts new prospects and encourages engagement, resulting in a pipeline of high-fit sales qualified leads.

Not sure what you need? Or have a different project in mind? Let’s talk anyways.


What clients say


How it works

From Day 1 to project completion, we always remain in close contact.

Discovery Call

We’ll connect for 30 minutes to briefly discuss your business and content needs. The end goal is to create a personalized proposal.

Kick-Off Call

Once a contract is signed, we’ll do a kick-off call to nail brand foundations (personas, messaging, etc.), solidify goals, and establish systems.

Project Execution

With foundations set, we begin! Streamlined systems, regular meetings, and constant collaboration will be our new norm until project completion.

Working with Noelina was different than I expected. She's more professional than some people, for sure. And she shows good use of productivity tools. To anyone who's thinking of working with her, I'd say to definitely do. She's very nice, reliable, communicative, and ambitious.
Tom Cohn
Director, TWC Consulting Services


Still got questions?

I’ve got answers.

I have experience in the following industries: SaaS; HR tech; Fintech; eCommerce; personal development; health & wellness; and travel & hospitality.

No, you don’t not have to sign a retainer. You can work with me in two other ways as well:

  1. Consultations. I offer one-off consultation calls priced at $200 USD / hour.
  2. Workshops. I also offer writing workshops. If you would like to host one for your in-house or freelance team, please reach out for a custom quote.

But if you do want to sign a retainer, please note the minimum monthly fee is $1,500 USD. 

Whether you’re selling software or freelancing services, any brand can benefit from strategizing, creating, and distributing customer-first, research-backed content. But only if they’re open to the process.

YES, we are a good fit:

– You want to consistently create high-quality content, not just a few random pieces.

– You want to intentionally build meaningful relationships with customers through content.

– You understand good strategy and content comes from solid research and an understanding of human psychology, not just creative thinking.

– You’re willing to invest in quality, research-backed, customer-first content.

NO, we’re not a good fit:

– You just want to put a few content pieces online so you look active.

– You think gaining trust as a brand using content isn’t important.

– You think anyone can do this job. If you just had time, you’d do it yourself. You also think it’s possible to churn out quality content in a day.

– You want a bargain, quantity over quality, and your content to turn green on Yoast SEO.

Ready to be the brand customers turn to?

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