“Superb eye for detail”

“Very honest”

“Dedicated and responsible”

My Face When I See Bad Copy

What’s it look like? Well, for starters, it’s:

Shallow, not providing any value

Keyword-stuffed and obviously created for Google, not humans

Similar to competitors’ (absolutely no originality)

And filled with EMPTY PHRASES that take up real estate. 

🙅🏽‍♀️ Don’t get the face.

👉🏽 Let me help you fix it.

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Provide Content to Your Thoughts. 
Pick Your Service.


Your marketing plan doesn’t need to involve every platform, just those where your ideal clients are. Let’s set the foundations and assemble an efficient strategy that favors your watch and your wallet.

What I Offer:
✔ Buyer Persona Research  ✔ Content Strategies  ✔ LinkedIn Strategies


Combine strategic copywriting with quality content to cut through post-pandemic digital noise. Alleviate customer pain points, educate and entertain to increase brand awareness and consistently get customers – not just leads. (Pro tip: When you write for humans, the bots will follow.)

What I Offer:
✔ Blogs  ✔ Articles  ✔ Website Copy  ✔ Landing Pages  ✔ Emails  ✔ Newsletters  ✔ Social Posts


Let’s revamp old content that’s collecting digital dust in the corners of your website. Orthographic love, user-friendly formatting, SEO optimization – all is fair game! Times have changed. So should your content.

What I Offer:
✔ Proofreading  ✔ Copy Editing  ✔ SEO Optimization

Not sure what you need? Or have a different project in mind? Let’s talk anyways 📱
I’ll be your content whisperer.

How I'm Different

I take a human-centric, research-backed, results-driven approach, where the customer is always center stage. 

By having a true understanding of your audience and their motives (pain points, challenges, goals, etc.), you’ll convert content into strategic, money-converting opportunities. 


Everything I do is tailored toward the real people your buyer personas represent. Style, tone, voice, word choice – all of it.


Understanding how these people think, behave and communicate and knowing when to persuade is also key to creating copy that converts. 


By mixing human-centric content with research-backed techniques, you’ll maximize your content efforts, getting better results in less time.

How It Works

Before putting figurative pen to paper, we’ll need to set the foundations. Doing so results in a final product that’s not only engaging, but action-provoking (a.k.a. 🤑). 

Discovery Call

We’ll hop on a free, 30-minute Zoom to see how I can help and make sure we’re a good fit. The end goal is to create a personalized proposal for you. (Video off? No prob 😉)

Brand Basics

After the proposal, we’ll clarify the basics: voice, style, buyer persona, your process, etc. Having these set in stone will help us create personality-infused, value-driven content your audience actually wants.

Project Execution

Now we’re ready to create head-turning, wallet-padding content! You’re kept in the loop throughout the process so the final product doesn’t come as a surprise 🎉 (not the good type).​

How Much Will It Cost?

I charge more than your “average” freelance writer because the work they do often isn’t customer-centric nor research-backed.

With me, you’re not just paying for quality writing. You’re also paying for the effort that goes into understanding your audience and how to convert casual leads into paying customers.

To put things into perspective, top content marketers and copywriters may charge $750 for a 500-word blog post, but there are others who continually learn from the best and charge more reasonable fees (for example, for the same project, I would charge around $250).

Ask yourself a few questions before deciding if we should work together:

  • How many qualified leads do you receive each month?
  • How much is each qualified lead worth?
  • Assuming we go ahead with the project, how many leads would you need in order for the project to pay itself off?

Honestly, when you think about the cost in terms of ROI, you’ll find that investing in a project together is worth it (especially if you consider profits compounded over time).

Get a custom quote for your project

Wondering how much your specific project will cost? Schedule a call for a custom quote.

Are We A Good Fit For Each Other?

Whether you’re selling software or coaching sessions, any business can benefit from human-centric, research-backed content, but only if they’re open to the process.

Yes, We’re a Good Fit For Each Other!

✅ You want more qualified leads and to make more money online.

✅ You understand good copy comes from solid research and an understanding of human psychology, not just creative thinking.

✅ You know a process needs to be followed, and you have your basics clear (brand voice, buyer persona, pricing structure, etc.). 

✅ You’re willing to invest in quality, research-backed, customer-centric copy that actually converts.

No, We’re Not A Good Fit For Each Other

❌ You just want to put content out there to have something on your website and social accounts so they look active.

❌ You think anyone can write, and if you just had the time, you’d do it yourself. 

❌ You think effective content can be churned out the same day you ask for it.

❌ You want a bargain writer, quantity over quality, and your content to turn green on Yoast SEO.

❌ You don’t have your basics clear (brand voice, buyer persona, pricing, packages, etc.).

Ready to start creating human-centric content that connects AND converts?

Still not sure? Don’t sweat it! To try things out for yourself, head on over to my blog.