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Where Content Isn't an Afterthought,
It Takes Center Stage.

Past clients

How can I help you?

Content Strategy

Get a bespoke content strategy for your website tailored to your audience’s needs and your business’ goals. The done-for-you content plan details content titles, publishing schedule, and distribution plan. Or we can take things social, and I’ll help you develop a personal brand on LinkedIn.

What I offer:
✔ Keyword Research  ✔ SEO Topic Clusters  ✔ Editorial Calendar  
✔ LinkedIn Strategies

Packages start at $4,000 USD / month
Consultations start at $200 USD / hour

Content Writing

Create engaging, high-quality B2B content that showcases your expertise while simultaneously nurturing the reader along in their journey. The results? You’ll increase brand awareness, generate quality leads, and drive sales… all with content. 

What I offer:
✔ Blogs  ✔ Guides  ✔ Newsletters

Prices start at $0.50 / word


After digging into your offer, I’ll help you craft compelling, research-backed email sequences. By factoring in content creation strategies and human psychology, we’ll create copy that increases open rates, click through rates, and revenue.

What I offer:

✔ Emails

Packages start at $1,000 USD

Not sure what you need? Or have a different project in mind? Let’s talk anyways.

My approach

Creating content and copy that connects requires a research-backed, results-driven approach, where the customer is always center stage. 


Everything I create is tailored to your audience and their underlying motives. Because if you take care of them, they’ll take care of you.


Understanding how your audience thinks, behaves, and communicates and knowing when to persuade is also key to creating effective copy. 


By mixing human-centric content with research-backed techniques, you’ll maximize your efforts, getting better results in less time.

How it works

Before project kick-off, we first set the foundations.

Discovery Call

We’ll hop on a free, 30-minute call to see how I can help and make sure we’re a good fit. The end goal is to create a personalized proposal for your specific content needs.

Brand Basics

After the proposal, we’ll clarify the basics: voice, style, personas, messaging, etc. Having these established will help us strategize and create unique, value-driven content your audience will enjoy.

Project Execution

Now we’re ready to begin! We’ll be in constant contact throughout the process so the final content and copy doesn’t come as a surprise. I finish my job when you’re happy. Guaranteed.

Are we a good fit?

Whether you’re selling software or freelancing services, any brand can benefit from human-centric, research-backed content, but only if they’re open to the process.

YES, we’re a good fit!

✅ You want to consistently publish high-quality content, not just a few random pieces.

✅ You want to intentionally build meaningful relationships with customers through content.

✅ You understand good strategy and content comes from solid research and an understanding of human psychology, not just creative thinking.

✅ You’re willing to invest in quality, research-backed, customer-centric content that connects.

NO, we’re not a good fit.

❌ You just want to put a few content pieces online so you look active.

❌ You think gaining trust as a brand using content isn’t important.

❌ You think anyone can write. If you just had time, you’d do it yourself. You also think it’s possible to churn out quality content in a day.

❌ You want a bargain writer, quantity over quality, and your content to turn green on Yoast SEO.

Let's strategize and create B2B content that connects

Still not sure? Don’t sweat it! To try things out for yourself, head on over to my blog.