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Build Trust with
High-Quality B2B Content Writing

High-quality, engaging content that builds trust is the result of strong brand work + extensive external research. By weaving your differentiator and unique perspectives into your content, you’ll create a content library customers always turn to. 

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Create engaging content with a content writing strategy

Your industry is highly technical, and so are your products. But that doesn’t mean your content should be boring.

Whether your audience wants to solve a potential problem or learn something new, B2B content that connects needs to be engaging and hyper personalized

In other words, you need to prioritize readability and relatability.

Readability. The content is formatted for online—desktop and mobile alike.

Relatability. The content resonates with the readers. It addresses their current jobs to be done and wants.

The end result? Content that customers trust.

Let’s instill a content writing strategy that achieves just that.


How it works

Writing high-quality, engaging B2B content that builds trust is an involved process that includes:

Audience Research

I mine product reviews, listen to past sales calls, sign up to industry newsletters, etc. to weave in voice of customer and keep the audience’s best interests in mind.

Expert Interviews

We’ll highlight the voices of leadership or external subject matter experts (SMEs) to broadcast your brand’s unique perspective in the market.

SEO Optimization

When applicable, naturally place keywords throughout the text and meta data post-writing. Doing so prioritizes reader experience and overall content quality.


What clients are saying


Have more questions?

I’ve got answers.

I specialize in long-form content like blogs, case studies, ebooks, and guides.

I can also create social media posts, emails, and newsletters, depending on the campaign.

I prefer to have access to as many internal resources as you feel comfortable with (think: personas, sales recordings, brand guidelines, etc.). This way, I’m able to more efficiently create brand- and product-specific content. 

And while clients often provide me with a detailed content brief for each piece, I can write from scratch as well, using simply a keyword.

I’ll coordinate with experts and perform all external research necessary.

If you would like to hire me for my B2B content writing services, you can do so in one of three ways:

  1. Retainer. I work on retainer, for which the minimum monthly fee is $1,500 USD. My prices average around $0.50 USD / word.
  2. Coaching. I offer coaching as one-off consultation calls or bundles. These are priced at $200 USD / hour.
  3. Workshops. If you would like to host a writing workshop for your in-house or freelance team, please reach out for a custom quote.

If you want to learn how to become a better long-form content writer, check out my newest product, The Practical Content Writing Playbook. This in-the-trenches blueprint is filled with proven ideas, processes, and techniques to help writers systematically create clear, concise, compelling content that connects.

I don’t offer one-off projects. This is out of respect for the amount of time we’ll both invest in the project at hand.

My minimum monthly retainer fee is $1,500 USD / month. Or, you can opt for consultation calls (priced at $200 USD / hour) or writing workshops for your in-house or freelance team.

I take a customer-centric, research-backed approach to writing.

Whether that means listening to sales recordings for audience research, interviewing subject matter experts, or combing through G2 reviews for voice of customer insights, rest assured the project will only include processes that make the most sense for your product offerings and business goals.

Content that only summarizes top SERPs has no place here.

Plus, I coach junior writers. You can check out my newest product, The Practical Content Writing Playbook. This in-the-trenches blueprint is filled with proven ideas, processes, and techniques to help writers systematically create clear, concise, compelling content that connects.

I have experience in the following B2B industries: SaaS; HR tech; Fintech; eCommerce; and insurance.

I’ve also worked in the following B2C industries: personal development; health & wellness; and travel & hospitality.

Please reach out even if your industry wasn’t mentioned as we could still be a good fit.

Ready to become clients' go-to content source?

Or send me a message about your B2B content writing needs instead.