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Discover Your Potential with a B2B Content Consultant

I’m a studied journalist turned content marketing strategist, writer, and consultant helping B2B brands worldwide solidify their position in the market using content.

Noelina Rissman B2B Content Marketer and Copywriter

Career summary

Shortly into my in-house B2C career, I realized there’s more to content than keyword stuffing and aggressive product positioning. 

While SEO content with (unwelcome) product plugs can convert, it falls short of leaving a lasting imprint on the minds of ideal clients.

So, I left my job and opened my own business to help B2B brands worldwide develop and execute content marketing strategies that effectively align the needs of their ICP, product offering, and business goals.

The result? Customer-first content that cements them as category leaders.

Need a chameleon to guide your content efforts toward meaningful (and profitable) relationships?

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The full story: Full-time content marketer turned consultant

When I worked full-time, I thought becoming top-of-mind using content was difficult. Regularly creating SEO-optimized articles with product plugs and sharing them across channels was supposed to bring in loads of traffic (and revenue).

But that just wasn’t the case.

Yes, a lot of our content in B2C health & wellness ranked on page 1 of Google. But it didn’t create any backlinks, social shares, or general buzz for the company. And forget about fostering connection.

Content that positions you as the best solution needs to be:

Clear. It’s easy to read and understand. There’s no room for confusion.
Concise. You say more with less. Your content packs a punch.
Compelling. It’s hyper-personalized to readers, addressing their current pain points, needs, etc.

And to generate revenue, content also needs to tactfully align the needs of your ideal customer profile (ICP) with product offerings and business goals.

Only then will you be able to create meaningful and profitable relationships using content.

So with this newfound mentality, I left my job and started my own business as a B2B content marketing strategist, writer, and consultant. Today, I help B2B brands worldwide create engaging content that positions them as a category leader.

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