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Quick Summary

I help agencies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs create engaging content that leads to profitable and meaningful relationships.

Shortly into my in-house content marketing career, I realized there’s more to content than keyword stuffing and “quantity over quality.”

In reality, it’s all about humans 👩🏽‍🦱

 So, I started freelancing to help brands gain awareness, stand out from competitors and drive sales with quality, personalized content.

All while they focus on their technical services and have peace of mind that their content is taken care of.

Sound promising? 😁 

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The Full Story

Have You Been Thinking?…

I can’t find the time to write high-quality content or chase clients for their content.
😫 Content marketing is hard. My company doesn’t have the bandwidth to execute it.
👩🏽‍💻 How do I stand out online and get people to actually read my awesome content? 

You’re not alone!

I Hear You, & I Feel You

I also used to think writing content was time-consuming, difficult, and not very rewarding…

When I worked full-time for a company that adored keyword stuffing, quantity over quality and doing things as “they’ve always been done.” 

Long story short, we were following content marketing best practices:

☑️ Developing comprehensive topic clusters 
☑️ Optimizing for SEO at every step of the way
☑️ Repurposing content across all our social channels

(Pretty much all the standard marketing stuff they always tell you.)

The results? 

🤖 Content that attracted Google, but no humans
🚫 No backlinks, social shares, or general buzz over our content
📉 A lot of time spent invested in the process with no ROI

I soon realized our archaic way of doing content wasn’t working because… 

Content that connects and converts is as unique as the HUMANS it’s for.

⚠️ You can’t keyword-stuff your way into people’s lives ⚠️ 

And writing for bots will only get you so far.

The Secret to Quality Content Is…

Truly understand your clients.

❓ What are their challenges and problems?
❓ What keeps them up at night? 
❓ Where are they hanging out online?

When you can market yourself as the Advil to their pain,
answering all of their deepest worries,
and showing up where they already are,
your target audience will notice.

And notice they do…

Here’s an example👇🏽

Below is part of a blog I wrote for young Gen Z & millennial freelancers. (If you fancy reading the entire thing, here it is: 21 Ideas for Your New Freelance Business in 2021.) 

21 Ideas for Your New Freelance Business in 2021 Writing and Editing

It was later repurposed as a post on LinkedIn, a social platform where freelancers hang out these days.

21 Ideas for Your New Freelance Business in 2021 LinkedIn Post

The reaction from the intended audience? I’d say pretty positive, but don’t take my word for it. Check out a few of their comments.

21 Ideas for Your New Freelance Business in 2021 LinkedIn Comments

Pretty powerful stuff, right??

Anyways, getting back to the story…

So, I packed my figurative bags and left in favor of the self-employed world 🧳

As a freelance B2B content marketer and copywriter, I help agencies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs create engaging content that leads to meaningful and profitable relationships.

And you know what?

Brands I’ve helped are:

👉🏽 Strengthening their personality to ultimately gain awareness
👉🏽 Adding a reputation as experts in their field and
👉🏽 Making cold hard cash, day in and day out

All while their audience is head over heels for their content,

And they get to focus on the services they offer instead of spending time finessing content.

It’s a win-win for all.


So naturally, I’ve built my B2B services around these principles.

Because you can’t strengthen your brand without keeping your most important asset in mind — your customer.

If you’re ready to create engaging content that connects and converts on YOUR time:

(Or if you'd rather learn a bit more about me, keep scrolling...)

A Bit More About Me 👩🏽‍🦱

On the clock, I’m a B2B content marketer and copywriter for agencies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. 

But off the clock (and when not in quarantine 😬), you’ll most likely catch me traveling around my current home, Peru 🇵🇪 

Got the Land of the Incas on your bucket list post-pandemic? Let me know! I’d love to give you some unsolicited travel advice.

But until then, let’s continue the conversation where I help your brand gain awareness AND income, OK?

So, tell me... Are you ready to create captivating content that connects 🔗 & converts 📈?

If you’re still not sure, don’t worry! My blog may be just what you’re looking for.