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Improve your writing. Secure more gigs.

Get an in-the-trenches blueprint to create clear, concise, compelling long-form content from scratch. Become a better, more confident content marketing writer. Secure better freelance opportunities.


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Does the following sound like you?

– Are you tired of piecemealing information together to try and get better at content writing?
– Not sure how to create more comprehensive content than what’s on top SERPs?
– Don’t know how to improve because companies don’t give feedback?

I’ve been there. It’s not fun!! 

(Especially if you’re like me and need your job to pay the bills.)

But I’m here to let you know…

The struggle ends today

– Imagine having a tactical action plan filled with proven ideas and techniques.
– Imagine knowing how to confidently approaching the entire writing process—researching, outlining, writing, and editing. 
– Imagine turning in samples to prospects and work to clients, resting assured that what you’ve created is well above par.

This playbook can help you get there.

Go from confused and clueless to confident and client-ready

This practical resource is filled with:

✅ Tried-and-true processes for creating clear, concise, compelling long-form content
✅ Checklists filled with relevant screenshots and handy pro tips
✅ Detailed FAQs sections to answer any lingering doubts 

It’s basically what I wish I had when I started my content marketing career 5+ years ago. All in one handy resource, and formatted in a way that actually teaches—not just shares.
By the end of this playbook, you’ll understand how to create high-quality, engaging long-form content that allows you to secure and keep well-paying freelance gigs.


A resource that actually teaches


Frequently asked questions

About the playbook…

This playbook is for new content writers (0-3 years of experience) and anyone with professional writing experience who wants to pivot into content marketing writing. It’s also for any experienced content marketing writers who might just want new perspectives!

This resource is tailored to long-form blog posts. But it’ll help you think more strategically about the way you approach content writing, no matter the format or industry.

This playbook is not B2B or B2C specific. The processes and techniques outlined within help you improve your basic researching, outlining, writing, and editing skills—no matter the industry.

Once you have a firm grasp of the foundations, you can leverage this knowledge in deeper ways to create product- and brand-specific content.

Yes, it really does teach you how to write clear, concise, compelling long-form content from the ground up, starting with just one keyword. 

I created this playbook assuming you’ve been given the bare minimum from the client: a primary keyword. (AKA – you are not starting off with a comprehensive SEO brief and outline.) And I teach you how to turn that keyword into an engaging, high-quality piece.

This is a budget-friendly playbook. You don’t need a subscription to any SEO or content optimization tools for the tips and processes I mention.

About the checkout process…

I’ve decided to house the playbook on Podia, an online course platform, for 3 principal reasons:

  1. Easier access to updates. Every time I update the playbook, I’ll send out an email to all users, letting them know a new version is available. From there, all they have to do is log into their Podia account to access and download the newest version.
  2. A more streamlined learning experience. Using Podia, I’m able to structure the playbook in a way that allows for easier content consumption and, therefore, a better user experience.
  3. Secure checkout. Podia also offers all users a secure checkout experience.

Correct. Currently, The Practical Content Writing Playbook is only available for purchase via Podia. 

When you click the purchase button, you’ll automatically be redirected to the Podia checkout page for the playbook. From there, all you need to do to secure your copy is create an account and then proceed to checkout, where you’ll be prompted to enter payment details to be charged via PayPal or credit card.

Once your payment is processed, you’ll be able to freely access the playbook and all its accompanying materials in your Podia dashboard.


Still on the fence?

Let me leave you with the words of a past content writing mentee…