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Your Content's Boring 🥱

82% of buyers wish B2B advertising had the creativity of B2C. So tell me… Are you contributing to the noise or standing out from it?

I Create Content That Attracts Dream Clients Builds Brand Awareness Drives Sales Is Built For Your Business

No matter what you sell, you need to create content that connects and converts on YOUR time.


I partner with agencies worldwide to support their clients’ content needs.

Small Businesses

I’ll come in for your content marketing so you have time to focus on your business. 


Don’t wait around for the time and headspace to write. Let’s join forces.

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How I Can Help Your Business

Content Strategy

Let’s make a plan that meets your ideal clients where they’re at, NOT where you’d like them to be 😉

LinkedIn Strategy

Learn how to optimize your profile, build your personal brand, and get a steady stream of inbound leads.

Long-Form Blogs

Create comprehensive blogs that satisfy your ideal clients’ needs at every step of their journey.

SEO Articles

Let’s create SEO articles that not only please the Google gods, but are also optimized for user experience.

Website Copy

Just want a website that works? Let’s create copy that builds trust and pushes sales online.

Copy Editing

User-friendly formatting, grammatical love, and fact checking are pillars for revamping content.

Meet the Face Behind It All

Noelina Rissman copywriter content writer

Hi! 👋🏽 I’m Noelina, a B2B content marketer and copywriter.

I help people just like you strategize and create quality content that gains awareness, clients, and money.

Being honest, B2B content doesn’t have to be time-consuming, and it most definitely shouldn’t bore people to death 🥱

But I’ll tell you what it does have to be: value-packed.

And it does have to speak to the hearts of your audience ❤️ 

Only then will it resonate with your dream customers, instead of bouncing off the eyes of poor leads.

Are you ready to create quality B2B content that favors your wallet 💰 and your watch ⌚️?

Like to try things out for yourself first? No problem! Check out my blog for help.