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β˜‘οΈ Industry: SaaS

πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ¦± Audience: Marketing (CMOs), HR (CPOs)Β 

✍🏽 Deliverables: Copywriting (case studies)

🎯 Goal: Convert interested prospects into customers

🧠 Rationale: Hopin is an all-in-one events management platform allows event organizers to create immersive virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. As the copywriter, I wrote all case studies to consistently hit the following themes:

  1. The importance of an incredible experience and how Hopin delivers it.
  2. How using Hopin makes the event experience more engaging and helps to grow a sense of community for the organizers.
  3. What the key business outcomes of the event are and how Hopin helped facilitate them.

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